Advisory board

Lisa Gohlke

Doctoral researcher, head editor of Holistic Science Publications archive

Lisa Gohlke is a doctoral researcher in Border Studies at the Department of Geographical and Historical Studies at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research focuses on the multifaceted nature and interdependencies of bordering practices at different scales. In her present research, she examines how sexual norms are employed in spatial imaginaries in everyday life, by populist parties, and in the EU's and Russia's geopolitical discourses to mobilize support for private and political projects in the Republic of Moldova. For her work on the diversity of territorial identities in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, she was awarded with the FAREES MA Thesis Award of the Finnish Association for Russian and East European Studies in 2019. In 2016, she received the Faculty Award as Best Graduate of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Otto-von-Guericke University for her insights into different cultures of remembrance in the Republic of Moldova.

Research interests

  • Border Studies
  • European Studies
  • Geopolitics
  • Human Geography
  • Political mobilization

Basanta Prasad Adhikari

(Associate Professor Dr.) Chairperson: Saraswati Kendra Nepal in Ratnanagar 1, Chitwan, Nepal.

Dr. Basanta Prasad Adhikari is the Head of the Research Department at Oxford College of Engineering and Management in Gaindakot-2, Nawalpur, Nepal. With an extensive academic background, including an MBA in Nepal, an Executive EMBA from the City of London College, and double Ph.D. from East London University and University of Eastern Finland Joensuu specialized in Teacher Education and Educational Sciences, he is currently pursuing Postdoctoral research on E-learning pedagogy in higher education from the Technical University (Educational Department) under the guidance of Professor Dr Thomas Koehler, Dresden, Germany. Dr. Adhikari, with over 30 years of experience in education, serves as a postdoctoral researcher in e-learning pedagogy at Technological University, Dresden, Germany. Committed to a career in education, he emphasizes the importance of effective e-learning pedagogy and contributes to the field through publications that can be accessed through the provided links. These publications underscore his dedication to advancing knowledge in the realm of educational sciences and e-learning pedagogy.

Juha-Matti Huusko

Dr. and teacher of mathematics at Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Juha-Matti Huusko is a mathematician mostly working in complex analysis. In particular, he has done research about differential equations, univalent functions and Nevanlinna theory.

He has a strong experience in teaching and producing teaching materials. During academic year 2019-2020 he made the material for two first-semester mathematics online courses.

He has a broad knowledge of various fields and a habit to actively discuss scientific topics. In particular, the complex analytic tools related to photonics are a natural topic of discussion in his current university, University of Eastern Finland.

Dr. Huusko is active in the academic culture. He has arranged workshops in scientific festivals and established a local journal.

Dr. Huusko is also a down-to-earth handy man. He is a well-known source of information for practical things such as funding, paperwork, accommodation and technical things.

Research interests

  • Complex analysis
  • Differential equations
  • Operator theory
  • Univalent functions
  • Harmonic mappings
  • Different languages

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Jani Karhu

PhD. university lecturer & vice head of the department. Department of History and Geography, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland.

Karhu has been working on teaching and various research projects since 2010. His dissertation, which was completed in 2020, dealt with urbanization and the spatial transformation of suburbs. Karhu was awarded the Talented Teacher Award of the University of Eastern Finland in the fall of 2023. Since 2017, Karhu has served as the chairman of the North Karelia Historical Association.

Research interests

  • Urban history
  • Environmental history
  • Tourism history

Ari J. Tervashonka

Dr. (theory history), M.Sc (Philosophy and History), researcher, head editor of Holistic Science Book Series

Dr. Ari J. Tervashonka is chairman of Holistic Science association and chairman of Finnish Methodology Society. He is a member of national committee of history of technology and science. His research focuses on theory history, intellectual history, philosophy of science and academic mentoring guidelines for excellent students. Tervashonka's methodological research focuses on systematic analysis and its variations.

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Research interests

  • Systematic analysis
  • Intellectual history and theory history
  • Philosophy of science
  • Methodology (mostly for complex qualitative problems and functionality-based interpretations)
  • Interdisciplinary projects and communications
  • Mentoring of academically excellent students
  • Systems theories

Jani Varpa

PhD researcher (Consumer Studies)

Varpa received his master's degree at the University of Helsinki in 2016. Since then, he has worked on his doctoral dissertation concerning consumption especially in the context of leisure time, theatre and home. The research projects Varpa has been involved in include design and interior decoration (2015) as well as teaching the adolescents financial skills (2023–2024). Majority of Varpa's research has been conducted using qualitative methods.

Research interests

  • Consumption
  • Sociology of consumption
  • Leisure time
  • Home, architecture, and interior decoration
  • Pedagogy
  • Financial literacy

Matti Taneli

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), Master of Arts (Science of Religion) and Divinity (Philosophy of Religion)

Matti Taneli is a Doctor of Philosophy (Education), Master of Arts (Science of Religion) and Divinity (Philosophy of Religion) recipient from Turku. He is also a teacher of religious studies, psychology & philosophy at Salo Upper Secondary School (emeritus). He completed his dissertation at the University of Turku in the field of Philosophy of Education (2012), specifically concerning the "Bildung ideal in Education" of J. A. Hollo. He is a regular contributor to several books and journals concerned with education and philosophy (of religion). His fields of interest include, among other things, the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and Ludwig Wittgenstein as well as the problem of evil & questions about morality. Taneli is also an active speaker & critic of societal issues. He has contributed articles, opinion pieces & other writings both individually and together with other researchers (eg. Jukka Kekkonen, Sara Heinämaa, Matti Häyry, Björn Vikström, Erkki Sutinen, Jari Palomäki, Veli-Matti Rissanen, Jyrki Kaarttinen) about several diverse subjects to magazines and forums.

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Theology (Philosophy of Religion)
  • Science of Religion
  • Immanuel Kant
  • Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • J. A. Hollo
  • Existentialism (Nietzsche & Kierkegaard)

Marko Piipponen

PhD researcher (History of law)

In Piipponen's doctoral resarch, focuses on the birth of Finnish technical crime investigation in Finland in the 1920s and its integration into the Finnish police and legal system. Piipponen is specializing in Finnish police history, Finnish 20th-century criminal and legal history, and historical criminology. He has also studied the neo-Nazi Pekka Siitoin and the activities of the Finnish far-right during the Cold War. Piipponen works at the UEF Law School as a grant researcher in the role of a research assistant.

Research interests

  • Finnish police history
  • Historical criminology
  • History of Finnish far-right

Jouko Hartikainen

PhD researcher (History of public depate), head editor of Intellectual history archive

Jouko Hartikainen is a PhD researcher in the University of Helsinki. His research combines a variety of early modern historical themes of politics, history of press, media, and public discussion. His PhD research "Foreign policy and public sphere in early Hanoverian Britain 1714-1721: censorship and print" focuses especially on the use of the topics of foreign policy as a part of the political debate in the era. Hartikainen focuses also on a variety of political power in press and print culture in the era of the Enlightenment as well as wider themes of intellectual history and other approaches to early modern era history.

Research interests

  • Political debate and public sphere
  • History of political argumentation
  • History of early modern Europe
  • History of colonialism
  • History of international relations